Twisted Ambitions
Is a raiding guild concentrating on end game progression and building solid raid teams for the final chapter in world of warcraft, Warlords of Draenor... The guild is ran by two long time raiders who have raided togehter since early on in Burning Crusade. Their goal is to have a self-sufficiant guild with raid teams that are commited to guild progression over self progression. Slingintotem and Shadedstep provide a full package through our knowledge of the game and the 8 years of clearing end game content together. We understand raiding inside and out and enjoy teaching others how to raid and play there class... Our loot system is judged by officers in the raid group via loot council, link what you have if you want the item, loot council decides who it will benifit most to help the raid group be more successful, not a single player. We look at performance of each player that links gear, and wich player it will benifit the most, performs at the top of thier game every fight... We have found that this way of distributing loot is the best way at being fair and creating a solid raid team all together by gearing the group equaly starting with tanks and healers getting geared up first primarily to make it easier for the rest of the group to get gear due to better progression. The guild was born on 11/18/2013 and plans on being around blowing through content until there is no more content to defeat. If your competent and willing to fight through some ups and down of progression and this sounds like a place for you dont be affraid to log in and send either of us a tell in game or apply on our recruitment forums here on our website